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tv   [untitled]    May 7, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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markets find. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into . counting the cost following the day of defiance syria's government faces up to renew threats of sanctions for its crackdown on protesters that saw dozens killed. tanks and armored vehicles roll out on the streets of central moscow with military brass polish up ahead of victory day celebrations and find a. better way to put their money. let me put it in the details. triggering debate we report on the pro-gun lobby in the u.s. glare some argue that their right to bear arms is also
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a way to protect themselves against authority. one pm in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r t our top story the u.s. is threatening to take new steps against the syrian regime in response to the latest bloody crackdown by security forces troops and tanks are reported to have swept into the northern syrian city of bani os the day after a huge anti-government demonstration across the country that left thirty people dead officials blame the terrorist groups for the unrest while protesters say they want an end to decades of oppression and corruption it's now thought more than five hundred eighty people have been killed since the uprising started seven weeks ago following on from the u.s. sanctions and the threat of more to you has agreed to an asset freeze and travel ban for. syrian officials correspondent eric margolis says western countries may
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have ulterior motives behind their stance on syria. there's great excitement in washington at the prospect of overthrowing the syrian government that's been on the front burner in washington but since the bush stray should be ideas that would deliver a blow to iran since us if it's syria were collapsed and the government fell the israelis would like it because any syrian military capability it would assure that nobody's going to raise the issue of the golan heights which israel still illegally occupied such as sixty seven and that is if the right wing governments in europe germany particularly so sir cozy in france and. challenge from the further right wing have become very militant very militarized in their policy it's very popular now to go after arabs and what we're seeing is a sort of a counter revolution where the european powers maybe the united states have seized
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on the revolution to try and bend it to their will and they're using a humanitarian intervention as the new reason for sending troops in humanitarian intervention usually lies the resources or strategic geography. in the libyan rebels are bracing themselves for ground assaults by colonel gadhafi forces in the besieged city of misurata morely two months of nato bombing failed to break the stalemate of civil war but some analysts believe the coalition's interest is in making the conflict. their objective is not to save civilians it's to break up the country and to turn it into another somalia another afghanistan a failed state that they can take advantage of and manipulate and take all the resources the biggest companies corporations or africa all happened to be in libya libya ways to push in for the african union to unite under its wing and it was the
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financial backer board of africa until these but this bombing started libyan banks were amongst the biggest investors across the world in fact the first step of this war was to take libya's money by freezing its billions of dollars of assets in north america and europe they've already set up. an oil corporation in eastern libya based in benghazi a national bank based in benghazi they want this conflict to last they're no rush to end this war they are keeping the strategic still meet between benghazi and tripoli they are doing this to make them both depended on the united states the e.u. and nato as the arbitrators of libya will decide the fate of the libyan people stay with us here on our t.v. lots more headed your way including this we investigate whether young people in russia and europe are learning lessons from the tragic events of the second world war. from a person to reality
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a russian rocket being prepared for liftoff from the european space board after a successful simulated launch. first though our qaida has vowed revenge on the u.s. for osama bin laden's death statements attributed to the terrorist group of popped up on several online jihadi forums they also suggest a successor is being chosen to take over water danielle belton says america made a mistake in not putting the terrorist leader on trial instead. the reality is that american politics is just very ugly right now and things that normally wouldn't be politicized have been politicized something as natural as saying hey we have a person who's committed crimes against us let's use the american justice system to bring them to justice has now become a political issue it's now become debatable whether or not our system should be used to try people to try terrorists to people who've been accused of attacking our country and you have all these ridiculous arguments about how or if we try them on our soil it's going to attract more terrorists tends to it's lack of it attracts us
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that terrorists have to get in this debate where the american justice system isn't tough enough to try you know international terrorists we've tried international terror before we're trying to now on u.s. soil so this argument that we can't handle it because of the what the perceived represents might be is merely a political argument used to drive it's a wedge issue for both president barack obama has paid tribute to the commando team that carried out the mission against bin laden praising them on a job well done parties military contributor says the white house is handling of the aftermath was fumbled and is now fueling conspiracy theories. the u.s. president obama has expressed his frustration about the media coverage of the u.s. special mission against osama bin laden he has nobody to blame but the u.s. administration itself the way it managed the media congress over the u.s. special operation the us administration has committed ron cardinal sin somehow the
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white house decided that this is a unique opportunity to take a political advantage of this particular mission and it has backfired and feel not only conspiracy theories but it also demonstrated the credibility gap of the u.s. administration in general and white house civilian drillers in particular barack obama should have thought not as the u.s. president as the u.s. commander in chief when it comes to special operations all of this magnitude you would better keep your mouth shut and instead of provoking controversy you'd better be hold be information as long as possible that's why the political knee jerk reaction from their white house not only robbed of the deserved praise but also of the credibility of trust between the united states administration and international media and the public at large in view knighted states take a stand afghanistan and other countries meanwhile both americans are joisting at
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the news that bin laden had been killed our own residents in new york asked people bear what made them celebrate on staff. was the killing of osama bin ladden a major victory in the war on terror this week let's talk about that we definitely think it was a victory i don't know if i'm a surly agree with everyone rejoicing in the streets but i mean i think it's a good positive step for the country so how is it positive that if it's making a celebrated someone's that well positive just from the perspective that it's one less horrible person out there in the world one less terrorist in the world that we have to worry about i think there'll be a fight on their side and for us we just of lot better why do we need to feel better about it what do you think that does for us closure complete closure the
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whole psychology psychology of it like a. man is dead. but don't we need to put the man isn't there always kind of a need for that in society as donald trump i just hope it would seems people are saying some people are saying might not be i hope. do you think that we that the president owes it to the world to approve it or do you think that you know he is right in saying you know i did what i had to do i think there's certain things they shouldn't take they don't tell the general public because i think sometimes of course you know some some of the government things cause a panic probably is you know maybe one of the prime enemies of the u.s. but it's hard to say well you can't celebrate. someone died and rose so what do you think of the people that are celebrating and waving the flag and cheering. and even though i mean i'm i'm i'm not sad that it.
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took eight of them to be killed but i'm not going to be celebrating i think it's some progress. it's retribution i think some bad things and you have to pay for it so do you think that it's going to make a difference in terms of terrorist actions from this point out. there might be some more rich groups and from. then is it worth it is it worth killing someone if it means more killing you have to it's take a stand. retaliation in the event so then was it worth it. in a way yes. in another sense. as well. but . well i don't know that's the best start for a new beginning whether or not you think the killing of osama bin laden was
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a major victory in the war on terror the bottom line is at least now there is one less terrorist in the words. final parade practice is underway had a victory day across russia two days it'll be the anniversary of the soviet soldiers triumph and the great patriotic war you know watch the preparations on red square. yes that nine told me in one of the most basic. russian. saudi. truly. great education makes you a case here in the us that solo still in the main circle. display of russian military might sound a little bit hairy in the great lakes states or rates of this here teacher was when she was told to.
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stay since. it is sadly familiar to me. as they watched. television. cameras let alone. the turn. of their current set theory technician here. which police. and balanced our. brain like to take. us to space center. banks into making their way to a little misleading. that's where it went out because he believes get away without. similar vicinities. minds are. underestimating
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the audience or. at least that it was. a racing. league and. it is. the ultimate. fascism i don't know it's about violence fascism of the facia isn't is about torturing people one nation trying to as with another it's about germans some kind of movement in germany at a now as shocking indictment of russia's youth unaware of what people like you rena forty against less than seventy years ago she was their age when the nazis invaded the soviet union she immediately enrolled in the air force and was soon chief of staff for the women's division and no one needed to tell her what fascism meant.
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i went to war like everyone else not because i wanted to fight for the communist regime but because our people were being killed our houses were being burned down our women and girls were being raped i went to war because the target the nazi army brought to our land was monstrous for those who fought these memories will never die but this video shows they're all but lost on today's teenagers this girls making fun of a veteran while he tells of the horrors of war a video provoked public outrage. it is due to ignorance ignorance of what happens in the war and how it happened when they're taught nothing they understand nothing so they have no idea what we went through what's more the nazi ideology twenty five million soviets died to defeat is once again very much alive this march
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in latvia commemorates the baltic division of the s.s. the nazi armed police force is gone is huge support every year from both old and now young. in russia far right groups like the slavic union and the movement against illegal immigration have been banned after numerous nationalist inspired hate crimes and murders the perpetrators often just teenagers but much of the extremism is less overt. this is one of moscow's largest book markets i've come here as if i can pick up a copy of hitler's mind can't it's now actually illegal to sell it in russia so i'm going to film all this with a secret camera hidden in his pen. a nationalist and anti semitic literature is openly on sale here this book called the jewish question was written by nazi race theorists hands into the mind count then has directed us to this man they say it was caught on camera last month agreeing
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a deal for it with undercover journalists our inquiries one successful the demand is still high. we get a lot of requests especially from young people they see all that's a great book. despite efforts to ban extremist groups and literature a greater enemy may prove to be the ignorance of the younger generation none of the students we asked even got near the number of deaths in world war two the bloodiest battle in history and about three thousand rank our last. i think three million but i can't say for sure but i think more than one half million would. try sixty million while the arena has already won her war the fight is on to educate new generations so the same mistakes won't happen again after bennett r.t.
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moscow decades after the end of the second world war many held captive in german death camps still remember the joy and relief that arrived with their soviet liberators the events of the spirit of eight hundred forty five a focus of our extended report today. look forward to be helped and see. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of manipulation. here a spring of nineteen forty five on our. special report coming your way in less than fifteen minutes. the number of shootings in the schools and streets of the us has done little to dampen the enthusiasm of thousands to assert their second
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amendment rights the movement to publicly bear arms at all times as significant and growing as arcane scale and for discoveries some even think there are some out of magic's maybe a defense against the authorities. that travis fox never leaves home without a loaded gun if it is between someone else or my family. someone else is going to die carry openly on his belt. for fox the militia is a state of mind and gun control a carte blanche then government has absolutely no fear of repercussions and they can essentially do whatever they want and government is meant to be kept in check the definition of tyranny is that which is lawful for government but is illegal or unlawful for the citizenry. the government has. jet fighter planes they have machine guns they have howitzers they have tanks they have nuclear
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aircraft carriers. the militia today. we are left with semiautomatic handguns. and semi-automatic rifles that's as part of the three percentage a militia with its own flag plenty of guns and a manifesto that proclaims it only takes three percent of gun owners to overthrow the government. they gathered last year on the banks of the potomac but the warning to those in power quote attempts to further oppress us by your own peril people and if you don't you are going to begin. thanks keep it failure to comprehend the real situation that we are all in and sent a message that they won't back down americans are. increasingly well researchers and. subjects. more and more of america's eighty four million gun owners say they're tired of compromising on the right to bear arms
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three percent refuse to follow any new gun control laws we all have a right. and every president wayne la pierre recently moved closer to three percentage when he refused president obama's invitation to even discuss new gun laws saying quote why should i or the n.r.a. sit down with a group of people that have spent a lifetime trying to destroy the second amendment in the united states programming clue. and with the last president and gun control with the one thousand nine hundred four i thought weapons there which by his own ethnic party twenty feet in the subsequent election i want the chip thousand and twelve presidential race looming tackling ben control now might also proven it for president obama in four to r.p. washington d.c. . for more on this debate you can always go but r.t. dot com real find money plenty more to explore here's what's online for you right now a man called the russian obama towards the country's majority party the nation's first african born politician ops for a different political direction to get a seat on
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a regional council tried out more about this election day. and in new york they may be cashing in on smokers lighting up in some places and public will now leave their pockets later as critics say the big apple's issuing the fines to make more money for the city that and much more of our team dot com and remember to check out our you tube page where you can always find plenty more of our videos. he's. the official. jewel hong kong pulled from.
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the. palm of your. home. turned out of some other stories making headlines across the globe. your plane carrying up to twenty seven people has crashed in eastern indonesia killing all aboard the country's transport ministry says that the jet which was on a domestic right went into the sea half a kilometer from the airstrip bad weather conditions and poor visibility thought to be because he had an easy an archipelago has one of asia's worth to air safety records. rumors that greece is considering dumping the euro has hit the value of the single currency an article in a german magazine suggest that the greek government could return to its original currency the report was denied by the greek finance ministry and officials from
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other member states but a meeting of ministers from four euro zone countries and luxembourg killed speculation. he gave voters have a little welding the rejected plans to change the way m.p.'s are elected more than two thirds said no to a proposal to scrap the first of the post system in a country wide referendum prime minister david cameron had suggested i guess a vote for reform could be a disaster ruling coalition members liberal democrats who had pushed for the referendum also lost half their councillors in local elections so. it reports a ninth body has been found inside a cold night in northern mexico after a gas explosion earlier this week another five workers still unaccounted for in the mine that's only been operating for twenty days rescuers continuing to dig trying to reach the remaining victims of the families admitting they have given up hope of finding it alive mexico's worst coal mining accident happened in two thousand and six when sixty five people died. a russian soyuz rocket is being prepared for
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a launch from a spaceport in french guiana after a simulated liftoff proved successful part of a joint project between russia and the european space agency spacecraft will carry satellites for europe's galileo navigation system into orbit are things you are all good looks and the ambitious program. with more than one and a half thousand launches far more than any other soyuz is the world's most successful rocket and now for the first time it will be fired off permanent russian space board over the last eight years the european space agency e.s.a. has spent more than half a billion dollars on building a launch pad and adopting the soyuz for a serve american space center in. this was all done by engineers and designers we have to adapt to the climate here and to the different safety standards but we have proven ourselves with this beautiful modifications and cruise well chosen location the soyuz will be able to take greater loads into space than ever before that blow
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the prices than any competitor of the seas makers in russia also stand to benefit more than four decades after its first launch the soyuz should really be showing its age but a tremendous one of the world's most reliable rockets and in fact orders of the some are plants are going up from year to year. twenty so use launchers will be produced here by the end of the year several years ago the numbers were in single digits its chief engineer says the rocket from eight popular not just because of its record. it might look similar to the earlier models but inside the soyuz is being constantly upgraded as is the reason we still use the basic model i believe it's the perfect market in its fundamental design we predict that they will be used for another forty years at least the constructors are saying that the transition from prestige driven space race of the cold war era to a new way of doing things is complete so if this is a project that makes solid financial sense to us it isn't just
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a political gesture and we're hoping it's just a springboard. the first say use will be lost from crew in the second half of the year and eventually the spaceport will handle four launches annually the russian side hopes the success of this project will encourage it. well the space agencies took up the soyuz platform either on the boat see some are. coming up later host mark andrews shows are surrounding museums cafes and designer shops so one of the russian capital's main streets here's a preview of his tour. exploring one of the main streets in moscow it's best a good way also it's sort of a she originally a way out of the medieval city if you will not good odds today in the sense of the cities like life and payments and from century old statues to more they see she can face ticket for me it's my first students first so i will impress them the cycle of tourists the street is packed with interesting facts and figures for centuries it
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was the official route to the south procession with your visits to monsieur de puta the street has been the mentally changed it had centuries of many people looking surface created a slightly overwhelming eight nine highway. well look around the russian capital coming your way in about an hour's time first though we talk to those who remember the soviet troops liberating prisoners from nazi concentration camps around europe in the spring of forty five but first a recap of our hour's top story and stay with us.
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dying to. look forward to be held and see. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of not going to ration. your spring the nineteen forty five on our team.
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is easy he. used. to be easy. just to eat. clip. the price of freedom from the most fascist regime in history. those who fought to win a stand. against the tide of history being rewritten odd. sixty six years of victory on arsene.


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